131902500 Solar ChargeMaster SCM-25 MPPT

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The SCM25 MPPT is Mastervolt’s smallest MPPT charge regulator and just as powerful as its big brother. With 200 to 700 Wp in solar panels, switchable output and buzzer, this Solar ChargeMaster is very well suited to small and medium systems.

The innovative technology in the Mastervolt MPPT charge regulators increases the efficiency of the solar panels. The SCM25 MPPT charges your batteries up to 30 % faster than PWM regulators – with the same number of panels.

MPPT charge regulator for all solar panels
Besides the traditional 36 and 72-cell panels, the SCM25 MPPT is also ideal for the inexpensive 60-cell panels.

Easy to use, safe and flexible
The SCM25 MPPT is suitable for all battery types, including Mastervolt Lithium Ion. The charging profiles for all types of batteries are pre-programmed and can be selected at the push of a button. The SCM25 MPPT is quiet and equipped with a very user-friendly, clear display. Built-in protection against overload, high/low battery voltage, overheating, short circuits and reverse polarity ensures that safety comes first. Moreover, the SCM25 MPPT has a robust casing and is protected against condensation in conformity with IP23.

Very high efficiency for faster charging.
Stable, accurate Mastervolt Maximum Power Point Tracker.
Up to 30 % faster charging compared with PWM technology.
Suitable for inexpensive 60-cell panels.
Capacity for solar panel configurations from 200 to 700 Wp.
Suitable for all battery types, including Mastervolt Lithium Ion.
Automatic 12/24 V detection.
Flexible charging characteristics.
Battery temperature sensor for long lifespan.
Large and bright display.
Secure switchable output.
Safe operation, audio signal in case of malfunctions.
Very quiet operation.
Robust casing, suitable for humid environments (IP23).

Specifications battery charger
Max. charge current at 40 °C / 104 °F
25 A
System voltage (battery)
12/24 V auto select
Battery types
AGM, gel, wet, Lithium Ion
Battery temperature sensor
Lithium Ion protection
via Multipurpose Contact Output, product code 77030500
Switchable output (max. current)
25 A
Energy consumption (night)
5 mA

Specifications solar input (DC)
Nominal PV current at 40 °C / 104 °F
18 A
PV start voltage (12/24 V)
15 V/27 V
Nominal PV voltage (12 V)
15-66 V
Nominal PV voltage (24 V)
30-66 V
Max. PV voltage (Tmin)
75 V
Max. PV power (12 V)
360 Wp
Max. PV power (24 V)
720 Wp
Max. efficiency
> 98 %
Static MPP efficiency
99.9 %

General specifications
backlit LCD with PV power, load power, battery voltage, charge current, warnings, battery state of charge, battery setting
(-) terminal
Protection degree
Dimensions, hxwxd
135 x 190 x 75 mm
5.3 x 7.5 x 3.0 inch
1.3 kg
2.9 lb

Technical specifications
MPPT (Max. Power Point Tracker)
Temperature range (ambient temp.)
-20 °C to 55 °C
-4 °F to 131 °F
Cable size
max. 10 mm² Litz wire
over temperature, over load, high/low battery voltage, high/low PV voltage, short circuit, reverse polarity & HV transients
Relative humidity
95% non-condensing
Solar cells provide power from daylight. This renewable energy source boosts your independence and also helps keep your battery in optimal condition. Efficient, reliable and safe The Mastervolt Solar ChargeMaster charge regulators maximise yield from the often very irregular supply of sunlight. Robust power electronics convert the energy from the solar panels, taking the charge status of the batteries into account. Mastervolt’s solar charge regulators are suitable for energy systems with system voltages of 12V, 24V and 48V (SCM60 MPPTMB), and charge any battery type, including Mastervolt Lithium Ion (MLI) batteries. They ensure an optimal and efficient charge cycle and are highly reliable. The 3-step+ charging method guarantees an extra-long lifespan for your batteries. A MasterBus connection is available for optimal integration within the energy system. Versatile and Flexible Mastervolt Solar charge regulators can be used flexibly to complement your energy system, or in places where no electricity is available, such as on a boat or camping spot. They are also ideal for professional applications at remote petrol stations, telecom relay stations or offshore units. The Solar ChargeMaster series comprises two charge regulators based on PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology and two models that are equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology. The PWM charge regulators offer an excellent price/ performance ratio for small and medium systems. Larger systems are better suited to the SCM25 MPPT and SCM60 MPPT-MB regulators, with an integrated Maximum Power Point Tracker.
Solar Charge Regulators

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